How to Shape Your Eyebrows in 1 Easy Guide

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Follow this how-to guide on how to shape your eyebrows and you'll never go wrong again - it is a foolproof method for mapping a perfect eyebrow shape.
Face mapping for eyebrows with markup

You may think that some people have an eye for shaping their own eyebrows at home and get it perfect all by themselves, but I can assure you that it is entirely possible to do it yourself. You can shape your eyebrows on a budget using this practical guide. Barring any physical restrictions (visual impairment, shaking hands, similar disabilities  will make this challenging) you can follow this step-by-step guide to your very own alluring set of eyebrows.

For this guide I draw upon the semi permanent eyebrow insider’s technique of ‘Face Mapping’. This is what I use as part of my eyebrow treatment to give my clients the perfect brow. Face Mapping uses your unique facial features to determine the shape of the eyebrow, so you are guaranteed to have a brow that suits and complements your face.

How long to shape my eyebrows?

The Face Mapping and plucking process took me around 30 minutes, but that’s because I’m a perfectionist and had the good fortune of an hour to myself, whilst my daughter tormented her Daddy for an ice cream at the park!

Now, it is important to note that although Face Mapping is used to determine the shape of a good brow during a SPMU consultation, the end result of this article will not replicate a semi permanent makeup treatment. This is because I have existing gaps in my eyebrows that SPMU would fill in. For this post, I am using the Face Mapping method to pluck away unwanted hairs.

What You Need to Shape Your Eyebrows

You will need the following to shape your eyebrows at home:


An eyeliner pencil
I’m using an official microblading pencil, but a regular eyeliner pencil is fine.

Cotton Pads
Used for wiping away any hairs that may stick to your tweezers and for cleansing.

Soothing Cream
To apply to the area after plucking. I use one containing Aloe Vera to calm the area.

A 30 cm ruler
I have borrowed my daughter’s ruler! I have of course washed it down and used an anti-bac wipe. This is important as you will be resting the rule against your face. While you pluck hair follicles, the skin remains ‘open’ for a time. You don’t want any bacteria entering the skin at this vulnerable stage.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Begin by securing your hair away from your face and cleansing your face and eyebrows. When you remove the hair follicle you want to avoid bacteria entering the skin. Ensure all equipment is clean.
How to shape your eyebrows - clean the brow area.
How to shape your eyebrows - find your brow midpoint.

2. Place your ruler vertically in the middle of your nose tip and follow the line up to determine the centre of your forehead and mark with your eyeliner. Please note that the dots on diagram 2 are slightly to the right so you (my audience) can see the mark. Repeat for your other eyebrow.

3. Using the ruler vertically again, place the base of the ruler into the side of your nose from where the nostril flares out. Follow the ruler up and mark again. This is where your eyebrows should start, so any hairs beyond that (towards the centre of your face) are to be removed after step 6. Repeat for your other eyebrow.

How to shape your eyebrows - use a ruler to mark the start of your brows.
How to shape your eyebrows - mark the top and bottom to determine the brow thickness

4. Draw two horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the brow. As we are plucking, the thickness of your eyebrows is determined by what you already have here. If this was an SPMU treatment, you could decide on the thickness you would want your eyebrows to be. You will note how these two lines create a ‘box’ in between the eyebrows. Use this opportunity to connect the corners of the box together to ensure all lines meet in the middle of this box. This tells you that your markings so far are accurate, and you can proceed. Repeat for your other eyebrow.

How to shape your eyebrows - mark the end of your brows using a ruler.

5. Determine how long your eyebrows should be by placing one end of the ruler at the corner of your nostril. Line up the other end to the corner of your eye. Follow that line up and mark where you meet your eyebrow. Any hairs beyond this mark towards the ear should be removed. Repeat for your other eyebrow.

6. To determine where the peak of your brow should be, place the ruler at your nostril as you did with step 5. This time, look straight ahead and line up the ruler to go straight through your pupil. Mark where the ruler crosses the eyebrow. Connect all the lines together and this is your outline for your eyebrows. Pluck away any hairs outside this zone.

How to shape your eyebrows - find the peak of the brow by drawing a line from the nostril through the pupil.
How to shape your eyebrows - check the final shape.

7&8. Check your final shape – note that there may be a very small variance. This is because our face is not symmetrical, and the brow is bespoke to the face. During Microblading it is possible to make very minute adjustments so the eyebrows look more symmetrical, but the overall look of the face and its features are the priority.

How to shape your eyebrows - fill in any gaps with a brow pencil.

9&10. If you would like a more defined look, use a brow powder to fill in any gaps in the eyebrow. I use Benefit Brow Kit but there are plenty of good ones out there. Dip a flat brush into the powder and fill in any areas where hair appears sparse. Always start with very little and build up the colour intensity gradually.

I hope you have found this blog of some use to you and you can now shape your eyebrows more easily. As with everything, your confidence will grow the more and more you do this!

If you would like further information on how the mapping process works or anything about semi permanent makeup, please get in contact using the button in the header or the details in the footer below. My Services page will give you more information about my semi permanent makeup treatments. See also my other post on how semi permanent eyebrows treatment work

Simone Curry

Simone Curry

Simone is the owner of Sublime Beauty, dedicated to helping women save time and look their best.  She trained at Harley Street Microblading Academy and is currently qualifying with a VTCT Level 4 in Micropigmentation. She is also a One2One Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

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Simone is the owner of Sublime Beauty, dedicated to helping women save time and look their best.  She trained at Harley Street Microblading Academy and is currently qualifying with a VTCT Level 4 in Micropigmentation. She is also a One2One Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

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